For those interested in writing a letter here are the main points, with explanations listed below.

1. Traffic
2. Community Plan
3. Location
4. Parking
5. Play field
6. View


1. Building a VRC with the associated traffic next to a busy playground and spray park poses a significant danger.

Adding more traffic to this already congested area would pose a major hazard to the safety of children who use the spray park, play ground, tennis courts, and bathroom.

2. It is completely inappropriate for Parks Canada to ignore the Community Plan.
The Community Plan specifies the proposed area is zoned as Environmental Reserve and Recreational Reserve. The introduction to the Community Plan is very clear that there is to be no net negative environmental impact from development. Changing a green space designated as Environmental Reserve into a very large building, which even includes administration and office space, as well as a paved parking lot, produces a negative environmental impact in a national Park. 

3. The proposed location will be DIFFICULT for visitors to find.

Having discussed this with four different people who have been employed at the current VRC within the last 10 years, their experience has been that visitors require directions BEFORE entering the town site to locate key attractions, and sometimes still have difficulty finding the campground, even WITH directions from Staff at the park entrance

4. The proposed parking lot for the VRC will be problematic for parking.

A parking lot built there will be used by people parking in the morning, who would see it as a convenient spot to leave their vehicle for the entire day, leaving no parking for visitors who might arrive at the VRC throughout the day. 

5. This playfield has been used by children, young adults, park employees, families, tourists and wildlife for generations.

This is the location used for soccer, frisbee, baseball, slacklining, large group games and so forth.  There are a limited number of green spaces in the townsite suitable for use by large groups.  Occupying this site with the Visitor Reception Centre, Administrative offices, and associated parking lot will destroy this well loved play field.

6. This is the worst possible location for a view.

Waterton Lake is hardly visible from the proposed site.  The view from this location does not provide “unparalleled beauty” as suggested in the Parks Canada news release, as it is surrounded on all sides by man-made structures. In contrast, the view from the suggested location near the compound is absolutely breathtaking.